PH Tech and The Health Care Transformation

In 2012, when the State of Oregon committed to providing better health care and lowering health costs, PH Tech helped virtually every Coordinated Care Organization or CCO, make the transition to requirements established by the government. We love that we are able to help health plans and care providers transform health care.

Who we are

PH Tech strives to give Communities the power to come together and manage their health care resources in an open and connected way. We have been partnering with health care organizations for the past 2 decades, collaborating on custom solutions to transform health care together.

PH Tech and Health Care Transformation

In 2012, when the State of Oregon committed to providing better health care and lowering health costs, PH Tech helped virtually every Coordinated Care Organization or CCO, make the transition to requirements established by the government. We love that we are able to help health plans and care providers transform health care.

Today, PH Tech continues to provide the essential resources and systems needed to operate a government sponsored health plan. Our focus on Medicare and Medicaid allow us to do that in an efficient and affordable manner. We create an open and connected environment for patients, doctors, hospitals and health plans.

Communities use PH Tech's advice, technology and services to connect and integrate the optimal resources to achieve improved patient care, lower cost and healthier population.

Some quick statistics about PH Tech and CCOs in Oregon


What We Do

As you head down the path to transforming health care, focusing on your community and gaining control of your fate, you can lean on PH Tech to help you navigate each of the following areas every risk assuming entity has to face. We’ve been down this path many times, we can help. Each of our product suites resides within one or more of our business areas - Technology, Service and Consulting. Download the full product suite and product list in PDF format.

Managing Risk

The flexibility to contract with the providers you need, in a way they want. The ability to ensure you pay claims according to your contracts. The capacity to focus medical management to the right places. Managing risk is the most important challenge you will face.

Workflow Management

Like the conductor of a highly trained orchestra, get the most out of your specialized workforce through coordination, communication, empowerment, engagement. Use a centralized system with accurate data for the most efficient workforce distribution.

Engaging Members

You’re in this endeavor to care for your members, and they need assistance navigating a complex system. From the moment a member is established with the plan, PH Tech increases member engagement through customer service centers, mail and outreach services.

Revenue Optimization

Details matter, especially when someone else sets the rates affecting top line revenue. You must ensure that data in your systems and the systems of government entities and large health plans accurately reflects membership and costs. Ensure the world you model in your data matches the real world.

Population Health

Managing population health is different than managing individual patients and requires accurate and efficient data to close gaps in overall patient care. Effective quality metrics provide insights to direct action and allow you to provide the highest quality care to your community.


PH Tech's strength as a collaborative partner is to help build and define your strategy. Behind the scenes of any healthcare organization are reports to be analyzed, processes to improve and projects to be managed. Our diversified administration teams are able to reinforce your administration efforts.

We Are PH Tech

We are collaborative and community minded. We are innovative and solution oriented. We work hard but know how to have fun. We are family. We are constantly searching for innovative high performing individuals to help us transform the healthcare world. If you’re looking for a place to bring your very best every day, we’d love to hear from you!

Join Our Team

Why can’t work be fun and exciting? At PH Tech, our people are passionate about what we do and believe that we make a difference in the world of healthcare. Ideas are valued, and quality of life is important--at work and away. We offer a highly collaborative, creative and solution oriented environment. We want our clients – and the health care communities they support – to be stronger and more sustainable for having worked with us.

Our talented teams develop unique solutions for the challenges our clients face. From our morning huddles to our standing-room-only meetings, we bring the best and brightest together to focus on our clients’ success in an environment that lands us in Oregon’s 100 Best Companies.

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Supporting Our Team

BENEFITS: It is very important to us that our employees have benefits to give them peace of mind when they need care. Our rich benefit package includes:

Health Insurance:

We provide a traditional PPO medical insurance plan or a high deductible plan paired with a health savings account which PH Tech contributes to.

Dental Insurance

We offer two different type of dental plans allowing you to control your dental care and make decisions that best fit you and your family’s situation.

Flexible Spending Account

We offer a Flexible Spending Account for both health and dependent care. We also offer a limited purpose FSA for those choosing the HSA.

Paid Time Off

A healthy work-life balance is critical to your engagement at work.We provide a generous Paid Time Off (PTO) plan enabling a flexible and accommodating balance as well as options for extended bank, rollover, and cashout. We also provide attendance bonuses which allow for an additional two days of PTO per year.


PH Tech offers 7 paid holidays plus an additional Floating Holiday which allows the employee to choose the day off they would like!


PH Tech wants to help you establish a means for retirement no matter your age! Our 401(k) retirement plan allows you to choose from both pretax and posttax deferral options. We match 100% of your deferral up to 4% and you are vested at 100% immediately! No matter where you are in life we want to help you with your retirement goals.

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Our leadership

The people of PH Tech are passionate about what they do because our leaders are passionate about who we are in the Oregon health care community. Get to know some of the people responsible for shaping the company and culture of PH Tech.

Dr. Michael D. Rohwer


Dr. Rohwer is a conceptualist with a restless urgency to transform healthcare. He passionately believes in out-of-the-box advancements in the industry in order to lead health reform. He sees the power to accomplish these concepts as more than collaboration, but real cooperation to achieve goals. His continued focus on these goals has placed PH Tech firmly in the path of health care transformation.

Having founded PH Tech in 1996, and now serving as chairman, Dr. Rohwer brings years of clinical experience and medical leadership to the table. He is outspoken about his love for the people of PH Tech and what they accomplish by working together towards a common goal, and believes in the strength of connections, and the power that is generated when working along side each other.

Nathan Perrizo

Chief Executive Officer

Nate sees more than just the big picture, Nate also sees the moving parts needed to keep it in motion. A logical and intuitive planner, he seeks not only to understand, but to understand how customers are impacted. His long-term involvement in the industry, and with PH Tech brings a broad spectrum of knowledge to the table that helps to build relationships and confidence with our customers.

Nate has an intrinsic knack for articulating concepts in a way that truly connects with his audience. He has been a key player in the development of applications and systems at PH Tech, and has helped develop company operations, customer relations and business development. Nate uses his industry-proven chops to understand the everchanging needs of the healthcare space, and to deliver appropriate solutions.

Gregory Martenson

Chief Financial Officer

The "possibilities" guy—Greg doesn't need to know every mile marker on the thousand mile journey--he just needs the destination, and will figure the rest along the way. Greg’s entrepreneurial spirit is not intimidated by challenges, rather he embraces opportunities for growth. He has a relentless drive to plant visions, build strategies, and execute plans. To Greg, every opportunity is like a puzzle, and every puzzle has a solution.

Greg believes in shouldering up with like-minded team members, and his leadership and experience in the healthcare industry most recently drove successful expansion in covered lives at FamilyCare in Portland, where he served as Vice-President of Finance. His ability to bring it home in the world of healthcare spans across health plans, providers and medical research.

Chad Casady

Vice-President of Information Technology

A strategic technologist that loves to build and lead teams that are enabled and empowered to develop and deliver creative solutions. If PH Tech could bottle up the energy and enthusiasm behind it’s technological victories, Chad would be inside the container. Chad doesn’t like to just see a trend and jump on it, but instead, prefers to keep PH Tech out in the forefront of technological advances within the healthcare space.

A member of the "PH Tech Lifers" club, Chad brings a depth of business understanding to the leadership of the company, beyond his IT experience and leadership. He doesn't believe in technology for technology's sake. His broad perspective considers more than what we simply know today to look at bigger and better solutions for our customers. Chad also knows grillin' and bbq. Please don’t confuse the two.

news and information

PH Tech provides news, press releases, white papers, and articles as a resource to serve our local communities.

Aspire Health Plan Selects PH Tech as Technology and Services Provider

May 5, 2016 – Monterey, CA – Aspire Health Plan ( After a nationwide search, structured proposal solicitation and selection process, Aspire Health Plan of Monterey, CA, has chosen PH Tech of Salem, OR, as its business process outsourcing partner. PH Tech will provide key core systems and support in the areas of enrollment, claims, reporting, and other administrative services for Aspire Medicare Advantage plans.

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Performance Health Technology Appoints New Chief Executive Officer

March 8, 2016 – Salem, OR – Performance Health Technology ( has announced that Chief Strategy Officer, Nate Perrizo has been named Chief Executive Officer at PH Tech. Mr. Perrizo has been with PH Tech since 1996 and has served in numerous roles including Chief Operations Officer and Chief Strategy Officer....

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Concepts Leading to a Better Healthcare System

An understanding of Complex Systems and their importance is a recent phenomenon. Even as some industries took advantage of CAS, knowledge remained buried in Systems and Computational Science. Today there are good examples from other industries and better understanding of Complex Systems and Networks. If we in Healthcare were starting over with that knowledge, Healthcare would look and operate very differently and more effectively.

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Rethinking Healthcare

Large integrated delivery systems have grown and implemented measures and best practices. Case management of high-risk patients is now standard. Redundant and unnecessary care is coming under control. Quality measures are improving. And yet cost continues to rise...

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The Future We Need, Want and Can Have--If We Act Soon

This series has been about the underlying reasons why healthcare cost is out of control while quality underperforms expectation. As noted many times, our expensive system is the result of how we have viewed the problem. As this series concludes, Dr. Michael Rohwer explains the characteristics of a healthcare system grown using the model of a Complex Adaptive System.

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